Tv Login experience

My personal experience

When I try to login to my hotstar on Amazon fire stick there was a login screen like below where I have to type the entire login URL like on my mobile device.

hotstar Tv login page actual
Hotstar Tv login screen image
source: Google Images

This has increased the effort of typing by looking the URL on the TV again and again.

Through this process I was spending more time on logging to the account and losing my interest to watch a movie.

There are 2 places in login process where I felt more human effort is required.

  1. Typing the URL
  2. Verifying the correctness of the URL.

also there was another issue which faced in the app which is managing my account connections.

managing devices of account on hotstar
Manage account

Main issue I faced is removing the devices requires OTP where I have to wait until the OTP is received.

Market Research

It's time to Analyse the login process of the biggest competitor Netflix.

nextflix Tv login page
Netflix Tv login screen image
source: Google Images

by analysing netflix login experience I observed 2 points

  1. They have introduced 2 modes of login
    A) with via Url
    B) via email and password through remote
  2. Beside only providing the login URL they have also included the QR-code of the url which has reduced the typing effort and errors.

Fixing out the experience

Now It's time to fix the issue through the design while maintaining the brand impact of hotstar.

before and after of login on TV
Before and after of Login on TV.

elements that I included

  1. I have introduced 2 way login system
    A) with via Url
    B) via email and password through remote
  2. also included the QR-code of the url which reduces the typing effort url on the device.
  3. Maintained hierarchy to the most required elements like URL and code.

since we observe different sites in the market, we prefer the same experience on every site or app. So having the netflix login experience in mind we expect the same experience with Disney+ hotstar.

To fix the issue of managing the devices associated with an account.

Before and after of managing devices of account

After fixing the issue with removing devices

  1. It helped me to reduce the time spent on receiving and entering the OTP
  2. confirmation on whether to remove or keeping it

We have to make a solution in a way that reduces the human effort.