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an android app designed to reduce the effort of our GEC students to get their semester info once they get released from JNTUK.



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JNTUK forwards the exam results to their affiliated colleges as a . PDF file before publishing them on their official site. A student has to check them on the college notice board or approach exam section to get their result.


Many students face inconveniences in getting the data through notice boards and spending time contacting the exam section. The biggest problem is that the examination results are not updated on the JNTUK official website after release.


My Role & Contributions

This project was a collaborative effort of fellow developers in the college and me. I worked with the college development team as a
UX/UI Designer and Front end Developer(Native Android & Flutter). 

Process followed

I worked on different aspects of the app with the team, and a few things were handled individually. The design process started with identifying the existing problems and understanding the students who face them.

process followed

Understanding our user's

I have done primary research & secondary research to understand our user's(students) feeling and frustrations about the current situation.

Competitor Research

Some third-party websites redirect users to the official website of JNTUK upon clicking on a link. Sometimes, they also inform students to approach the college staff for their results.

Primary Research

I did multiple rounds of user research where I studied 3 groups of people to determine their feelings and expectations on the solution we would build.
- Regular students - Passed out students - Exam section staff

Observations from students
  • 50% of students spend their time searching their results on notice boards.
  • 45% of students approach the exam section via phone call.
  • The remaining 5% of students don't know that the result got released.
Observations from exam sections
  • The majority of their working day goes off by answering the calls of students.
  • Huge paper & man work involved in printing and displaying the results on notice board.
I also observed that students also face difficulties in getting their exam related information like timetable, exam registration last dates. etc.,

Defining expectations

After each interaction, I build personas representing our user's goals and expectations. For better understanding by our team, I also created a user story and a problem statement around the persona's pain point.


“As a passed out student, I want to get exam info. as soon as they are released so there is no need to contact exam section.”

Problem statement

Manideep is a passed out student of GEC. He needs an easy way to access his exam information because he is staying far away from college.


“As an exam section staff, I want to quickly expose the results to students so that I can perform my daily work.”

Problem statement

Sasi Kumar is an exam section clerk who needs a better way to pass exam information to students because he doesn't want to disturb his daily work.

Ideating solutions.

I organised a brainstorming session by including our developer’s and exam sections to have different perspectives on ideas.Some of the ideas from our brainstorming session

Hod passing information via phone

Pass on the information through HOD

Pro's:Since it is from HOD, the student can believe the information.
Con's:The information is to be passed by a third person other than the exam section, so there might be a delay in communication.
information via text messaging

Broadcast the information via text message

Pro's:The information directly reaches from exam section.
Con's:It requires a list of all student phone number’s and the messaging channel would be more expensive for repetition.

Several hours of the ideating session ended with creating a mobile app for student's to check their results and exam information.
A portal for exam section staff to publish the information to the app.


Before going into visual design, I made sure to polish the features and user interaction flow.


Keeping user flow centre,I started sketching different designs to cover all the scenarios and discussed them with team members to get feedback and fix the early-stage problems. With sketching, I laid down the structure of the app and a foundation for the final solution.

We had a news from our exam section that one of the result is going to be released in a week and we should release the first version of app in with that result. Since I have less time for designing I used Uizard as my designing tool to convert my paper sketches into wireframes and high-fidelity screens. Below are the screens from the Uizard page.

We developed our solution as an MVP using native Android, and released with the result after 1 week.

Student testing

We used app ratings and install metrics available on the play console to measure the accuracy of our solution. For First two days, the rating and installations were excellent. After that, I observed a heavy decrease in our app rating on playstore from 5.00 to 3.48, and our app uninstalls rate increased.

(from 5.00 to 3.48)
App rating
(200 uninstall in a day)
App Uninstalls

Since we encouraged our students to rate our app, it saved our lives to identify the behaviour's root cause.There are two reasons for the decrease in the app rating.

I also interacted with some of our student's in-person to find their struggles with the MVP.

Rephrasing the challenge statement.

To improve the student's experience in the app to drive more installations and positive ratings.

Refining the designs

Based on the in-person student feedback, I observed that they were not so impressed with the UI of the app and the colour scheme that we used.

1st refinement

I first made sure to solve the no-network issue by continuously monitoring the network state and displaying the no-network animation when the network goes off.

solving the network issue

To solve the login issue we tried some external measures like circulating the passcode over whatsapp groups and notices. I have also changed the look and feel of the app through redesigning the existing application.

First iteration screens
first refinement screens

After release of first refinement and student testing - 2

Things that worked

  • Solved the network Issue
  • Impressive UI Design.
  • Profile picture feature on result display.
  • Gained some user base.

Things that didn't worked

  • Login issue still remained since student couldn't remember 6 digit PIN
  • Swiping effort involved to view Results & notices.
  • Heavy imagery and animations, impacted app performance on low end smartphones (Android version Nougat and below)
  • Heavy App size ~19Mb.

2nd refinement

After failing with the first attempt at a mobile phone app redesign, I decided to revisit the design and add new capabilities to overcome the failures.

We also created a portal for semester exam registration during COVID-19 and we introduced it as a webview inside the app as a separate navigation link.

Results, Exam Notifications, and Exam Fee Payment are given as individual options from the centre of the screen.

To reduce student eye strain while using the app, we introduced a dark mode in the app to help students see more clearly during exams.

second iteration screens
second refinement screens

After release of second refinement and student testing - 3

Things that worked

  • Introduced examfee payment.
  • Reduced the app size to ~12Mb.
  • Reduced heavy imagery and human effort.
  • Dark mode

Things that didn't worked

  • Login issue still remained since no student contacted for PIN
  • Scrolling effort involved to view Results & notices.
  • No search feature in results and notices page.
  • Complicated Navigation from home page.

3rd refinement

Though we fixed some issue in our previous refinement, still we have the our major issue to be fixed. I also received some requests from our students to have

we reduced our student effort by storing the pin in device local storage and using it to fetch the selected result.We have also made the results page the home page of the screen, so that they can easily perform their intended task.

Simplified the navigation using persistent bottom navigation bar instead of a single point navigation.

Final Impact after 3rd refinement

After the release of final iteration, we observed a tremendous response to our app in the play store.

from 3.48 to 4.62
App rating
from 500 to 1752
App Installs
from 150 to 1200
from 12Mb to 8Mb
App Size

What our students say!


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